A few ways to spruce up your interior spaces with bedroom curtains

A few ways to spruce up your interior spaces with bedroom curtains

Here at Tailormade Blinds, we know the massive difference that the right choice in bedroom curtains can have in creating a mood and more importantly, maintain optimal light exposure. We also know that it can be a little overwhelming to choose the right material, colour, and function – discovering which palate defines and complements the room optimally. This can be tricky business and one should always be looking at the room and wonder.

Would sheer curtains let in a little too much light?
Would blockout curtains keep enough of the morning sun?
Which colour will tie the room together?

While a little daunting, the process of mixing and matching the right bedroom curtains for the aesthetic you’re looking for can actually be quite a lot of fun. We’ve got a huge range of bedroom curtains that each have a unique vibrance and long-lasting quality, so in terms of variety – we’ve got you covered.

How do you even begin to decide? That’s where this blog piece comes in, we’re going to explore a little about all the ways you can utilise our products to have superior control over the light exposure of your interior.

Finding The Right Bedroom Curtains For You

1) Firstly, Determine Daily Sun Exposure

One of the key considerations that we recommend our clients engage with is determining the type of material that is most optimal for the amount of sun exposure each room receives. If your room gets blasted by the morning sun and you wish to wake up of your own accord, well, then blockout curtains may be the way to go.

They’re made in such a way that rooms that have a high exposure to light can be controlled a little more than with your garden variety blinds and alternatives, which is also why they’re perfect for those who sleep in a little as well.

Maybe the room isn’t so inundated by the morning sun, perhaps you simply want a little light filtering that softens and spreads the sunshine a little more. In this case, perhaps sheer curtains are more up your alley – they offer a flowy and soft feel for any room they’re in, and the range of materials and styles that we have means that they’ll perfectly fit into any aesthetic you can imagine.

There are no wrong answers here as both styles are incredibly versatile – it comes down to how much light you want creeping in.

2) Habitual Considerations

The 9-5 job has gone the way of the dinosaur. The pandemic had a lot of people change up their working habits, working from home has become more commonplace than ever before which has led many of our customers to think about issues like privacy and light filtration in their curtains shopping.

When you’re looking for your new set, it is a great idea to consider the room you’re fitting out and plan according to what the room is used for. A lot of people who have home offices will opt for blockout curtains to keep light filtration under control as well as allow maximal privacy.

So, consider the function of the room, as well as what level of privacy you’re looking for – this will assist in making the right decision.

3) To Motorise Or Not To Motorise

We’ll always recommend motorisation be implemented wherever possible. Not only does it make bedroom curtains even more effortless to operate, but the technology that is available now is simply too smooth to be missed. For instance, our Glydea track is of the same ilk you’ll find in high-end hotels, conference rooms, and we’ve fitted out a fair number of apartments and homes with the same sets.

Adding a little luxury to your bedroom curtains is not nearly as expensive as you think. A quality track combined with the right colour and material that fits into your established aesthetic enhances an interior in ways that even surprise us.

The Tailormade Blinds Difference

Whether it’s the installation, design, or even recommendation for a new set of beautifully crafted bedroom curtains, the team at Tailormade Blinds can assist you in every step of the way. We’re certain you won’t find a more competitive price or more professional service.

What are you waiting for? Play around with our product finder and start imagining the possibilities!

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